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Victoria Stokes

Hello, I’m Victoria the owner of VC Holistic Beauty, a secluded, hidden gem in Coleshill specialising in Holistic Facials & Eastern Ritual treatments.


I have over 13 years’ experience as a therapist, trained in an extensive catalogue of rejuvenating and relaxing therapies for the face, body and the mind.


To explain my treatments and style in a nutshell, I’m Spa meets Science. I have come from a Spa background and love making clients relax and drift away in a tranquil environment, and take pride in all the extra touches that make client’s feel special.


I also love providing results-driven treatments for clients, to give them a confidence boost. Usually, you'll find you get one or the other, whereas I try to merge the two together to get the best of both worlds, so you feel good from the inside out.

I've created some self-care boxes using Pinks Boutique products with all the little touches, experiences and aromas that you will get when you visit VC Holistic Beauty. View my website at


embracing creativity

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