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My chosen name is P.Nutt (peanut) & I have adored & worked with crystals & stones for many years, and I’m thrilled they have coaxed out my inner Creatrix!  I honestly didn’t believe she existed!  I love working them in to beautiful meditation aids - and their creation is a wonderful tranquil meditation in itself - each one birthed with a loving & peaceful intent.

Why use Mala Beads?  Here’s my journey.
I just couldn’t get to grips with meditation.  I couldn’t sit still & clear my mind.  Then I learnt about Mala Beads/Japa Mala.  A string of 108 beads that are used as an aid to meditation.  Japa Meditation - uses a word, phrase or divine name to create a Mantra.  Using the beads as counters, perform a meditative repetition of the mantra, moving round the Mala.


You can recite/chant/whisper the Mantra silently or aloud.  Reciting or chanting a Mantra (out loud or silently) using the beads gave me the focus I needed to clear my mind. 

Come & start your Mala journey with me - you choose how you want it to flow.

You can also find me on Instagram @trustthegoddess

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