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Sophie Rogers

Hi!  My name is Sophie.  I am the owner of High Vibe Alignment, my small business that I founded in 2015.  I sell ethically sourced crystals and create unique pieces of jewellery with them.


After studying fashion and jewellery design at college and university, I was introduced to crystals several years later whilst recovering from cancer treatment.  Completely fascinated with their eye catching colours and unusual textures, I knew right away that I wanted to create something beautiful with them!


I bought my first ever crystals and started making necklaces.  I found it calming, therapeutic and it also gave me something positive to focus on.  I would wear a different crystal every day and soon people started asking me if I could make necklaces for them too!  Getting creative with crystals struck a passion within me and I made it my goal to turn this new found hobby into a business.


I applied to The Princes Trust, and was offered a place on their enterprise program.  The Princes Trust gave me the support and skills I needed to set up and run my own business and I am forever grateful to this wonderful charity!


After putting many years of love and hard work into my business, setting up regular stalls at different events and markets, I now own a crystal shop in Tamworth called High Vibe Crystal Cabin - my little happy place :)  I design and make my jewellery there and sell lots of stunning crystals from all over the world!  You can also check out my products online at 

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